The best way to try MyNC is to compile it from source code. You can get the sources from the Subversion repository using the following command:

			svn co https://mync.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mync/trunk mync

Once you've got the sources, follow the compilation instructions to build MyNC, and then refer to the section on running MyNC to actually run it. There are helper scripts for compilation and running, so that the whole process takes just a few console commands.

Note that although the compileability of the code in SVN is checked on a regular basis, there may be minor regressions from time to time (like some new files missing). If you run into any problems with it, just email me and get ready for a quick fix.

If for some reason you don't want to install -devel packages for the librares that MyNC depends on, or have some unexpected version incompatibility problems, you can use Sovereign development framework, which is a collection of binary-independend compilation tools (including GCC) and libraries built specifically for development of MyNC and related projects. See the project's page for usage instructions.

Another option to try MyNC is to boot from a pre-compiled MyNC LiveCD. You can download it right from the sourceforge project page. Note that this LiveCD is now pretty old, and I had a chance to test it with only a few systems. So don't hold your breath with it. The last time I checked, it worked with qemu and on a couple PCs around and did not work with VirtualBox for some reason. The LiveCD is planned to be updated some time in the future.

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