If you have built the kernel-mode parts, do the following to get them utilized:

  • Create a character device file /dev/ncb, major number 60, minor number 0.
  • Insert mykernel modules by executing ./do.sh from mykernel subdirectory as root.

To run MyNC's control daemon and the gui, do the following:

  • Create a working directory for MyNC (e.g., "mync").
  • Copy files gmync/src/test.dtd and gmync/src/test.xml into the working directory.
  • Execute myncbd with the working directory set as the current one. This is the control daemon and it should stay runing.
  • Execute gmync with the working directory as the current one.

As the result, gmync main window should appear. There are some screenshots of it at the overview page.

You can also execute gncedit, which is a stand-alone editor for G-code programs.

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