MyNC kernel

MyNC's kernel-mode code includes a modified version of the Linux kernel and several kernel modules from "mykernel" subdirectory in the repository.


Here is some information about the kernel patch: linux-2.6.19-mync patch description

ncb_timer -central module, contains character device operations, timer interrupt handler, initializes other modules.
stepper -contains code that handles stepper motors: acceleration etc.
timer_lapic -timer module utilizing Local APIC timer of the bootstrap processor.
timer_i8254 -timer module utilizing good old Intel 8254 timer.
timer_nonrt -non-realtime timer module that uses kernel timer API. It allows to debug MyNC while running a non-patched kernel.
mfirst -this is actually a driver for a specific dedicated I/O board. It can serve as an example of how to connect MyNC with real hardware.
mspk -a module that imitates motor noise using PC speaker. It provides evidence of some work being performed in the absence of real motors.

Only one timer module can be loaded at a time because they contain duplicate symbols. timer_lapic module is meant to be used with -mync kernels. timer_i8254 is legacy and can be used only with old 2.6.5-ds kernel patch which you can find here.

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